The Living art show launches for 2016

We are so very excited to be launching this years Living Art Show- in conjunction with our friends at the Maui Waui festival  We have an absolutely fabulous festival planned for you to attend this year.

The 2016 festival takes place on the 2nd 3rd and 4th September in Theberton Suffolk, just off the A12 near Saxmundham & Leiston. Friday kicks off with bands and festival fun. Saturday starts with our amazing artistes sharing their designs, there is an open session for members of the public to browse and see these wonderful works of art being created. As early evening arrives so too does the Body painters  live catwalk show- the show case of the days work, on full view to the public set to music, a visual feast. 

Saturday night the party continues with an evening of  music in the  U.V. cavern. The public, body painted models and and body painters gather to celebrate a day of colour and creativity with the after show UV party. There will be face painters and body painters on site that will be available to paint your faces and bodies with bright and exquisite Ultra Violet festival looks for  the evening .

Sunday arrives with a more chilled vibe, face and body painting demonstrations, learn how to face and body paint, watch the professionals and “have a go” sessions through out the day, plus some freestyle body painting. A relaxed no theme day where the artistes will just express their love of this form of living art, for you to enjoy.

We do hope that you will be able to join us for this fun and colourful event for more information please mail us

Image- 2014- Winning model and body painter team . Model Laura Draycon – Professional body paint model. Artiste -Amanda Hughes.

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